13 July - 17 July 2015

Before you cruise

Greek citizens can travel with their Greek ID only as long as the ID is of the NEW TYPE with LATIN LETTERS.

CHILDREN: from 0-12 years old MUST have a passport. If the children are traveling with both of their parents they will need only a valid passport as per above.

(In case the Greek children travel with only one of their parents or none, they must have with them a LAW 105 declaration issued by the parent or the parents depending on the case stating that the children are traveling with the one parent only and that the second parents is in agreement. The declaration must be signed in front of the police official or at KEP.)

We would like to remind you that it is imperative to have visa & passport credentials necessary for your participation to the 4 days Iconic cruise visiting Greek islands and Turkey.

It is irrelevant if you disembark or not in the port of Koussadasi in Turkey during the cruise, this is a requirement needed from the greek authorities in order to sail and we wish to transmit you the information we got from the cruise ship in order to make sure that you have done the necessary preparations for:


You will need valid, up to date identification cards if you are a member of EU or passport for all other nationalities . Citizens of non-member Schengen countries need either a multy entry Schengen visa or a 2 entries Visa.

We urge you to make sure you have everything ready well before your departure date. Should you find any of your documentation is expired, please contact the relevant authorities in your country and make sure you obtain current documents. If you fail to obtain valid documents and you can't embark on your cruise, we cannot issue a refund.

Citizens of some of the countries that are not Member-States of the Schengen Agreement require a visa to enter Greece; visitors from these countries can obtain further information from the Hellenic Embassies or Consulates in their countries (FOR MULTI ENTRY SCHENGEN VISA-OR 2 ENTRIES SCHENGEN VISA ) or by visiting the following link:


Also do not forget:

1. to check the Before and During Cruise as well as the Cruise Carriage Conditions (http://conference.gr/uploads/editor/2014-11-21/caa05948e9d3304eb66a119c1ada1788.pdf) of the cruise boat referred to the conference web site.

2. The Time of Embarkation of the cruise ship July 13th from Piraeus is from 08.00 – 10.30 am at the following address :




PIRAEUS 185 38

We also transmit you in brief some interesting information from Celestyal Cruises . Please click here to get more information related to: What's included - What to pack- Special needs and more .....please note an interesting information:

On board Celestyal Olympia categories SJ/ SB and SG have a small fridge to store medicines in case of special needs .

For all other categories passengers can store the medicines in the fridge at reception ( Open 24/7 )or with the assistance of the house keeping personnel .

Please remember to inform us in advance for any passengers specific medical issues or diet requests .

  • Cruise prices do not include:
  • Gaming at Our Casinos
  • Internet use ( 7 euro per hour/ 16 euro per 3 hours/ 25 euro per 6 hours)
  • Telephone Use
  • Laundry Services
  • Locker Rental and/or Safety Deposit Box Rental
  • The Celestyal Cruises Souvenir DVD
  • Medical Expenses
  • Professional Photography
  • Purchases in Our Shops
  • Room Service
  • Salon Products and Services
  • Shore Excursions
  • Snacks and Drinks in our Bars, Lounges and Restaurants
  • Spa Products and Services
These services, packages and products are offered at an additional

charge. If you purchase them, the cruise boat will charge them to your personal account.

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