13 July - 17 July 2015

During your cruise & Embarkation Important Info

We transmit you from Celestyal Cruises in brief relevant information during your cruise. Please click here to get more information related to:

  • Board on the ship
  • Disembarkation procedures
  • Safety on board
  • Celestyal cashless system
  • Do arrange for a taxi or other means of transportation to take you to the port so you arrive no later than two hours prior to departure


The Time of Embarkation of the cruise ship July 13th from Piraeus is from 08.30 – 10.00 am at the following address :




PIRAEUS 185 38

The embarkation process is between 08.30-10.00h in the morning, prior to the ship's departure – you must be at the port no later than two hours prior to departure to check in at the cruise terminal. Passengers who do not arrive at check-in at least 30 minutes prior to departure are considered "no-shows," and we are unable to issue refunds for these cancellations.

You must present your passport and/or ID card and your ticket at check-in. If you do not have your ticket with you because it has not been issued to you, you will collect it at check-in. Once you check in you will receive your personal boarding card, which you will use as a debit and ID card throughout your cruise. You can make all onboard purchase with this card, although you cannot use it in the casino.

For safety reasons and for expediting our embarkation and disembarkation procedures at each port, your identity card or passport is handed in during check-in at our passenger embarkation terminal; we keep all identity cards and passports in the Accounts Office of the ship until we return them to you just prior to the end of your cruise. At all ports of arrival you are only required to present your personal boarding card if and when it is requested. Please click here for more.......

In regards to the embarkation procedure at Piraeus , please note that the cruise ship has informed about the following :

  • In front of the main entrance at Cruise terminal A you will find the cruise ship Luggage drop desk : assistance by their staff to place green luggage labels (FOR CELESTYAL OLYMPIA )on the luggage of each guest . Carry on and any fragile items must be carried by the guest . Pls be reminded that passports , medicines, cash, credit cards, cameras , lap tops and generally any valuable items must be kept at all times in the carry on and not handed to the porters with the rest of the luggage . The large suitcases will be placed on the luggage belt and transported to the ship for the porters of OLP. Passengers will find their luggage outside of their cabin door a couple of hours after they have boarded the vessel .
  • Health forms , as per International regulations (if you want a copy for your info please ask and we will send you), will be handed to each guest and must be completed and handed to the nurse on the spot in the entrance of the terminal .
  • Passport check in and embarkation card : Inside the terminal passengers will be asked to present their passport and their e ticket . One embarkation card will be given to each person who has a booking on Celestyal Olympia on that day . This card bears the name of the guest and the cabin number on the front of the card. This card will be used daily to embark and disembark for safety reasons . it is also the key card to open the cabin door as well as the debit card which will be used on board throughout the cruise , since the ship operates a cash less system on the vessel . Each expenses , bar , duty free, spa, beauty salon , photos , shore ex , etc will be charged on this card and the account will be settled on the end of the cruise by the guest directly .
  • There are 2 ways of settling the account on the ship:
  • 1.By credit card , Credit card has to be registered on the first day of the cruise . This can be done either at the embarkation desk or on board at the reception desk, on deck 4 .
  • 2.By cash payment . A cash deposit will be required to activate the embarkation card . This can be done at reception only , on deck 4 .
  • Registration of passport/credit card and identification of passengers- photo : The next stop within the terminal and the last one is the desk where passengers will hand out their passport and may registered their credit card details .
  • The passport will be kept in order for an accurate passenger list to be issued ( before the ship 'sails as it has to be communicated to the authorities at once ) . A passport receipt will be given to each guest and a photo of each guest will be taken for safety purpose . Credit card may be registered at this spot if necessary .
  • Passengers are then guided to the Port facilities scanning equipment where their hand luggage will be scanned . Any sharp objects , knifes , metallic items will be confiscated from the guests at this point just like in any airport around the world. Please note that knifes , large scissors or objects as well as guns are not allowed on board . We suggest that passengers avoid carrying this type of items to avoid unnecessary delays .

From thereon , passengers may proceed to the vessel . They will be asked to show their embarkation card at the gangway again for authorization to board .

Important Reminders

  • Make sure you are carrying your passport and/or ID, your cruise ticket, your medication and your valuables in your hand luggage, as well as glasses and any other necessary items
  • Please read the "Conditions of Carriage" – we also suggest you print a copy and keep it with you
  • The information on your luggage tags should be accurate and legible
  • For security reasons, visitors are not allowed on board
  • Pets are prohibited on board. Please click here for more....

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